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GWFilms is more than just a independent film studio, it's a teen with a dream - and it all started in 2015

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The story of GWFilms

GWFilms started back in 2015, where 5 year-old Zachary Colmenero created his first movie with a bunch of stuffed animals. Throughout the years, he kept making short films. In 2020, he created the documentary mini series, Say What?, and is now continuing the series. Since then, he has made numerous short films and episodes, including Undercover SuperheroBeyond Southridge and even Danger Room which he collaborated with creators from HitRECord for the film. He also founded Stars Above Foundation, a foundation that helps kids with cancer and ZachAttack, a YouTube channel with over 200,000 views. He also professionally does film, TV, commerical and voiceover acting.


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Stars Above Foundation is dedicated to helping kids with childhood cancer by providing them with connections and experiences they will never forget. Stars Above also highlights other organizations that help give to childhood cancer patients. 

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ZachAttack, aka ZachAttackYT_, is a IRL & gaming content creator that focuses on making comedic challenge videos and shorts. He mostly makes videos where he does challenges, like spending 20 hours in a gym or being stranded in the ocean.

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Zachary J Colmenero

Zachary does more than just filmmaking. He also tells stories with performances in other film and TV shows and works with other filmmakers. 

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