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"Disguise" film announced from GWFilms

So there's a new movie? What is it?

A movie based upon 2021's Beyond Southridge, we are currently in the works of making a crime film called Disguise. Did you know this idea was in the works for almost 3 years? Yes, back in 2018-2019 we had an idea to make a James Bond/Mission Impossible style movie titled Disguise. A good couple of minutes were produced but was never finished after many remakes and development ideas. But as we say, it's still an idea, and we've kept Disguise in a locker, safe from robbers and James Bonds. Now Disguise is being turned into an full feature film, starring the characters of Beyond Southridge, Agent Daniel Fischer and Mr Howard Alban.

Connection to Beyond Southridge

Beyond Southridge is an amazing movie, but we decided to connect Agent D and Mr Alban to Disguise making them 20 years older and have a harder mystery to crack! One that could take them across the world. Wink.

When? Where? HOW?!

No saying when, more like when it's done. This movie can be pretty long and can take millions of dollars maybe.

Where? Probably here, on our website, but we are hoping to sell the film to some major streaming platforms.

How? Pitching! We are going to pitch this to major streaming networks and platforms using Beyond Southridge as our short film. We can also maybe crowdfund, but we'll leave that to our team.

This is just one of 2022's big surprises! We'll see Disguise in a few! Thank you for reading!

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