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Documentaries galore

This was an issue of The GWFilms Press.

Welcome to Issue #7 of the glorious GWFilms Press! We got some brand new content to announce so why not?

Introducing The ZachAttack Show and GWFilms Podcasting

Introducing GWFilms Podcasting, a network of official podcasts produced by GWFilms. GWFilms Podcasting has been in the works and now has its first podcast out now on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

The podcast titled, The ZachAttack Show, is where host Zachary Colmenero (known for Say What?) talks about what is new each week in the entertainment industry. The ZachAttack Show is a secondary YouTube channel to the ZachAttack channel which is not produced by GWFilms. The ZachAttack Show has a video version which will appear on the GWFilms official streaming website.

The first episode, covering about the new PRIME Hydration energy drink, will release Friday 1/28/2022.

Introducing The Secrets Behind…

Introducing The Secrets Behind (…), a documentary series hosted again by Zachary Colmenero (ZachAttack) where he interview popular creators and people to learn the secrets behind what they do.

There is going to be a podcast version of The Secrets Behind, which is produced by GWFilms Podcasting, and the first episode of this series is in production but release is TBD.

The Secrets Behind will release on the ZachAttack YouTube channel while episodes (in no schedule of release) will come onto the GWFilms website.

Say What? S2:E1 May Be Coming Real Soon

Say What Season 2 Episode 1 may be coming very soon. The documentary series episode, titled, Milkshakes where host Zachary Colmenero visits Mel’s Diner to learn about the production of Milkshakes, might be releasing soon.

The rest of Season 2 has not been made yet but is in production, but Zachary has decided to possibly release this since no episodes have been released.

If this happens, that means there would be a quite long wait for Season 2, what do you think?

Behind the Screen is Getting Another Episode Very Soon

Behind the Screen, GWFilms’ behind the scenes series, is going to be getting another episode pretty soon. The episode, titled The Making of Danger Room, is almost done editing says editors.

Trailer and release dates are TBD— but it will be cool to see how Danger Room was produced.

That is it for this week! Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you soon.

Go watch GWFilms at

Written and edited by Zachary Colmenero.

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