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Say What S2 First Look & Holiday Special Gone?

Say What? reveals a Season 2 First Look & More...

How a widely hit doc-series gets a second season, and how a mystery show might not get the Christmas special we've been waiting for.

GWFilms Press | Issue #2

Say What? gets a Second Season

A couple of days ago, it was revealed that we got our first look into Season 2 of the show Say What? with Zachary Colmenero, a GWFilms original series that debuted with 2 episodes on the first two weeks of January 2021. The two episodes came with a behind the scenes documentary titled Behind the Screen: The Making of Say What? and just this year GWFilms has been at work making a second season. "I'm really excited for everyone to see this season," says Zachary, CEO of GWFilms and also the host of the show. "There is a lot more to see in this season." The first look takes a peek at the season's first episode, where Zachary says that it would be named "Milkshakes". He says there would be around 2-5 episodes in the second season--and reports that depends on how well the 2nd season does, it may not be back for Season 3. But this exciting new input is really great and it is reported to release (due to the teaser), Early 2022.

Is there going to be an Undercover Superhero Christmas special?

Earlier these months of 2021, we were expecting an Undercover Superhero holiday special titled The Super-holidays this November or December. Director Zachary Colmenero, who previously directed Season 1, had plans to film that suddenly fell apart. According to him the script is finished-but if he started filming now, it wouldn't get in time for Christmas. Estimated date would be January 20, 2022 if he worked on it. Maybe this is a Christmas miracle? This could be a year long project that will come as a major feature in the 2022 Christmas. Remember Danger Room took a year and a half before finally filming in October 2021. May seem like a long time, but we'll see Superholidays next year! Undercover Superhero: Season 1 is now streaming.

Just Added: Your old favorites now are on went to the site.

Here is what just got added to the GWFilms website: Movies/Shorts: Ride of the Life: A stunning short shows cool slow motion shots of water and vehicles. Tunnels of Heaven: A boy goes through stunning tunnels that lead to paradise. Mini Jobs: Due to his father's death, William Gobs has to be CEO of Pineapple and take on the company's arch-nemesis. Scooter 'N' Fall: A boy rides his first electric-scooter. Danger Room: Two boys enter an abandoned haunted house and have to escape six dangerous rooms.

Thanks for reading! Go watch GWFilms now to see what's new. EDITOR: Zachary Colmenero

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