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New year, new content

Welcome to another issue of the GWFilms Press, the first post of 2022! A new year is here, and we have some big plans for GWFilms and other series. Let's see what's already been announced.

Spirit Halloween 2

Spirit Halloween 2 is where a new story is introduced. Nick's brother, Carson has just been turned into a monster! The sneak peek is out, where we filmed that in Summer 2021, but no other production has been done-- why is that?

Director Zachary Colmenero says that "I want the audience to decide. Spirit Halloween was a hit, but can we make Spirit Halloween 2 even better?"

That's right, you're in control. Do you want there to be a sequel? Either way, we'll see when Spirit Halloween 2 wraps production, following the same style of Beyond Southridge.

Beyond Southridge scenes were filmed two different times, one in February 2021 and another in May 2021. The final release was in June 2021. The reason? Because one of the producers was sick, but this helped gain more development to the awesome film it is.

The rest? Coming soon.

That's all that we know could happen in 2022, but we have so much more planned, we just need to start! There are a total 7 projects in the works, not counting the 20+ episodes in the shows. Our goal is to make over 2 hours of shows and movies in the next year. Think we can do it? Support us!


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