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Summer in a script

Welcome to Issue #6 of GWFilms Press— We are so happy you are reading this Friday.

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🎬 Announcement: How Did…

GWFilms is happy to announce a six part short mini documentary series titled How Did, focusing on “how” some of your favorite topics are made, produced, or became as popular as they are now. Six episodes consisting of 5-10 minutes will be produced— release date & trailer are to be determined until further notice. The series is in pre-production, and more information is to come. Topic including will be The Simpsons, Apple, and more!

✏️ “Cool Kids” TV Series in Development for Pitching

You know what’s cool? Cool Kids. Cool Kids has just finished tweaking (and still tweaking) the pilot script, and is currently in the process of looking on ways to pitch to major streaming companies such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and more. Summer lies ahead for these kids.


Cool Kids is about a group of four middle school boys that have to experience the summer between 6th and 7th grade, and have to survive bullies, girls, and what adulthood lies before them.

What we’ve done so far

Like we said, the pilot is in the process of being done and the second episode is a rough draft. We are looking to pitch to investors or find some way of funding this series. Let us know what you think!

⏪ Status: Say What Season 2 May Not Release Until Possibly Summer

Say What with Zachary Colmenero made its debut on January 1, 2021, with two episodes. We are looking to top that— but it may not make its way until Summer or Fall 2021. We can confirm that the teaser trailer date, Early 2022, is somewhat false— but we do not have a ETA on when episodes will be done filming, and even editing. BUT, we will update this newsletter on the show.

🔥 What’s Trending

Here is what is trending for this week.

  1. Say What? with Zachary Colmenero

  2. Danger Room

  3. Beyond Southridge

  4. Ride of the Life

  5. Undercover Superhero

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