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Undercover Superhero Season 1 Out Now and More

Season 1 of #UndercoverSuperhero is now streaming

Hello #GWFilms fans!

I was writing to let you know that you can view every episode of the show Undercover Superhero on the GWFilms website. Watch the "All Episodes Streaming" trailer below.

The show contains 8 episodes in the first season, each around 5-10 minutes long. Season 2 is set to release around late fall.

New Movie- Disguise

Meanwhile, the release of Beyond Southridge has set people up for Disguise, a movie starring again Agent D & Mr. Alban. The movie takes place 3 years after Southridge, and tells the story of the team they are on. More info about the movie coming soon.

GWFilms' First Holiday Special?!

That's right. GWFilms is going to have its first holiday special titled Undercover Superhero: The SuperHolidays, which stars the cast of the series and has some very exciting things. It also gives fans more after Season 2.

That's it for today! See you again!

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